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Ashley and Michael have secured the Top 2 spots in the Finale

Daris and Koli need America’s help to vie for $250K in the Finale

The final four contestants on the NBC reality show The Biggest Loser ran a marathon on last night’s episode and had one more weigh-in before the season finale. SEE WHO WON THE BIGGEST LOSER HERE.

Last week Ashley, Daris, Michael and Koli went home for a month of managing their own exercise and food intake. Toward the end of that time frame, trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels paid surprise visits to each of the contestants to see how they were doing, and to get in one good workout at their local gym.

Daris was clearly struggling with all of his old demons, and focused solely on training for the upcoming marathon. Koli couldn’t cope with the everyday tensions of home, so he headed to Las Vegas to workout. Bob was furious with him because it was quite obvious that Koli was solely focused on the prize and not figuring out the home journey — which was supposed to be the major takeaway from his time on the ranch.

Michael and Ashley seemed the most comfortable in their familiar surroundings and appeared to be genuinely thriving.

Then it was back to sunny California for the 26.3 mile run, with $10,000 offered up to each finisher for the charity of their choice. Daris broke a record by finishing in just over 4 hours, nearly a full 60 minutes faster than the previous record holder, Tara.

Koli finished in a little over six hours and Michael and Ashley came in together a short time later. Several former Biggest Loser contestants were positioned along the route to jump in and offer support. They included Season 2 winner Matt, Sione from Season 7, the season 5 winner Ali, and Season 7’s Mike.

Then it was back to the ranch for one final weigh-in. The two with the greatest percentage of weigh loss were guaranteed an opportunity to vie for the $250K prize at the finals. The two below the yellow line would have to plead their case to America and hope to be voted into the remaining slot for the big cash prize.

Michael lost 23 pounds and Ashley lost 18, putting them both safely into the finals. Koli lost 13 pounds but it wasn’t enough to put him above the yellow line. The real shocker was Daris, who GAINED 2 pounds. Bob and Jillian were furious and accused him of sabotaging himself.

Heading home again for two additional months before the finale were Michael at 299 lbs., Koli at 218, Ashley weighing 213 and Daris at 197.

View the recap, which includes the marathon, final weigh-in, and listen to Daris and Koli plead their case to America on the video below:

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