Lisa Marie Presley Asks For Help on her MySpace Page

Married to "The King of Pop" Michael Jackson back in the 90's, Lisa Marie Presley recently visited his gravesite at Forest Lawn and was disappointed at what she saw.  Lisa Marie claims there is too much open space so she took to her MySpace page to put out a call for help.

Hey, we are as shocked as you...we didn't know anyone still had a MySpace page either.  Presley said that Jackson deserves way more than just a few bouquets of flowers, candles and gifts and would like to see the whole area covered in sunflowers.

Michael had an obsession with sunflowers, so Lisa is calling for a "Sun Shower".  Here is what she suggests, "Every fan send one silk sunflower to the site, the whole area around him could be filled in no time."

While it seems like a nice gesture on Lisa's part to take the time to write on her MySpace page...she should just go ahead and order a bunch herself and get the job done.

We were going through some photos from the funeral, a memorial service and the burial for Jackson and in none of the pictures did we see sunflowers.  Lisa apparently never mentioned it to his family.

Photo Credit: PicApp/Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images