Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz Together Again

  • jenna jameson and tito ortiz
  • tito ortiz and jenna jameson

Just last week Jenna Jameson was calling her boyfriend Tito Ortiz a "wife beater".  New reports have surfaced indicating that the pair have reconciled and Tito will be returning to their home this week.

On April 26, police arrived their home after receiving a 911 call, and witnessed what they believed to be a clear case of domestic abuse.  Tito was subsequently arrested and hauled away to jail.  After a few hours behind bars he was released on $50,000 bail.

Their stories changed throughout the next few days with Jenna waffling between "I'm pressing charges" to "he did not beat me".  Tito claimed Jenna "is an addict", causing Jameson to take up her initial stance that Ortiz is a "wife beater."

We have learned that the restraining order against Tito expires tonight at midnight and that the UFC fighter is planning to move back to their shared home midweek.

It seems obvious that the couple has much to lose if the UFC decides to drop the fighter, a real possibility if he is found guilty of the abuse charge.  Not only is his livelihood at stake, but Jameson's future financial well being as well.  The couple have twin sons.

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