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The National Enquirer has been pushing a salacious story indicating that President Barack Obama and former campaign aide Vera Baker carried on an affair beginning in 2004 – see her photo below.

Reportedly, the 35-year-old Baker was a tireless worker who raised millions for the Obama U.S. Senate campaign and was instrumental in helping to get him elected. According to the Enquirer, anti-Obama operatives are offering $1 million to eyewitnesses who can attest that an affair actually did take place. The NE contends that the alleged trysts took place at the home of a DC friend and at the Hotel George.

An anonymous limo driver is quoted in the story and he details a specific evening where he squired the couple to several fundraising events and then dropped them off together at the Hotel George.

On-site surveillance video footage is reportedly being sought by NE investigators. The report suggests that “if the tape surfaces, it will explode the scandal”.

We are prone to dismiss the story as so much bunk. That said, we and everyone else thought the same about the John Edwards and Rielle Hunter scandal too – and we all know how that one turned out. Let’s just say that under the circumstances we are skeptical but could be persuaded with something substantially more solid than the account of ‘an anonymous limo driver’.

We came across an interesting video on YouTube that does a parody of the situation. Check it out below:

Top photo: White House website picture of the day April 30, 2010