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Yesterday morning Tito Ortiz was arrested for domestic violence against his partner Jenna Jameson. The UFC fighter was booked at the Orange County Jail and by early afternoon was released on $50,000 bail.

Since his release Tito has taken part in a press conference where he revealed that his girlfriend and baby mamma is addicted to Oxycontin and that he will support her. Tito was very adamant that he did not hit Jenna and that lying goes hand and hand with addiction.

Jenna also did some talking of her own, as captured on TMZ cameras, and at one point she said that Tito did not beat her and that she was hoping for them to reunite. After finding out that Tito claimed she has an addiction problem, she abruptly changed her tune and called him a wife beater.

We find Jameson’s use of the word ‘wife’ interesting because they aren’t legally married — but we totally get the point she is making. The couple live together with their 13-month-old twin boys.

Watch the videos below: