Lane Bryant Ad Too 'Racy and Risque' Say FOX and ABC (VIDEO)

ashley graham lane bryant plus size model

The newest Lane Bryant commercial ad featuring plus-size model Ashley Graham has caused quite a stir with several television networks.  ABC and FOX claim that the ad is "too racy and risque".

The popular ABC reality show "Dancing With the Stars" refused to air the spot because they said it bared "too much cleavage".

FOX first balked at showing the ad on "American Idol" but plans to do so on Wednesday night.  Apparently they relented when it was pointed out that they will be airing a Victoria's Secret ad on Tuesday night.  Ironically, ABC has also aired VS ads during the DWTS time slot.

Many believe that the reluctance of networks to air the ad had more to do with discrimination against full-sized women and their voluptuous curves.

Check out the ad for yourself below and do let us know what you think.