Dina Lohan is Furious! (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

dina lohan speaks

Dina Lohan is not happy at all over the recent drama surrounding her daughters Lindsay and Ali.  She spoke with People magazine and she is clearly upset over her ex-husband's actions.  Earlier this week Michael Lohan showed up at Lilo's door with deputies, claiming he was worried about his daughters, especially Ali as she is  a minor and has been under the actress's supervision.

Dina made it clear that she does not question Ali's safety while she is with her sister, "Would I let my daughter go anywhere that's dangerous?" Dina is very outspoken and wants the world to know that she doesn't believe her kids are the problem.

Momma Lohan claims, "Michael is not well, nothing he does surprises me.  He's dangerous."  Though Michael Lohan probably does care about his daughters very much, we have to agree with Dina that by making everything so public "he's creating a worse situation for everyone."

Does Dina want any contact with her ex? She wouldn't mind contact with his wallet, according to her. "He needs to pay child support and leave his kids alone."

In our humble opinion, his family needs to step outside of the constant media attention and work on the problems that are so obviously present.

See more photos and video of Michael explaining his recent actions below:

Photos: WENN