Jessica Simpson Short Hair PHOTOS

jessica simpson new hairdo photo 2

Jessica Simpson and her hairstylist Ken Paves were busy last night while flying the friendly skies.  The close friends were apparently embarking on a gambling junket and put their flight time to good use.  Paves gave Simpson a short new hairdo and took a few photos to share on his Twitter page.

He 'tweeted': "Stopped in West Palm and picked up my Aunt to Atlantic City!!!" and included the first Twitpic.  Moments later he added a second 'tweet': Aunt Vikki came along too!!!!" and included the second Twitpic.

Simpson 'tweeted': "Carol Brady who?", referring to the first pic, and "In flight hairdo fun!", referring to the second pic.

We actually think that Simpson might be sporting a wig.  In any case, what do you think...hit or miss?

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