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Tiger Woods had a one-time fling last year with the 21-year-old daughter of his neighbor. The college student is Raychel Coudriet and she has come forward to say that the pro golfer hit on her in plain view of his home and they had sex in his nearby office.

Coudriet indicates that she has known Tiger since she was 14 and was propositioned by her famous neighbor while she was out in her yard. She joined him in his black Cadillac Escalade and they made out in the SUV which was parked in close proximity to his home. The encounter occurred while Elin and his children were going about their daily routine at the residence.

The young woman, who is now 22, reports that they had an “hours long” unprotected sexual romp on a sofa in his office that was positioned next to a crib that has been used by his children. Coudriet said she felt guilty about the fact that she had sex with a family man but she was “smitten”.

After that encounter, Woods called her and sent numerous text messages, trying to set up additional meetings. He even asked her to accompany him to a golf tournament in Michigan. She refused.

When Raychel discovered there were a string of mistresses she was furious to have been “just another conquest.” She confronted him face to face when she was home recently on spring break and reportedly told him she felt “extremely violated by what you did to me.” She said he replied, “Sorry about that.”

Nike debuted their new Tiger Woods commercial just in time for the Masters in Augusta. The controversial ad shows a solemn looking Tiger staring off into the distance as the voice of his deceased father Earl Woods lectures him.

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Tiger Woods got pranked on the first tee Thursday morning at the Masters when a plane pulling a message for the pro circled overhead.