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Academy Awards winning actress and musician Jennifer Hudson is the newest spokeswoman for Weight Watchers. After the birth of her son David in August 2009, she decided to take control of her body and eating habits.

The singer and proud mother of a 7-month-old, has always been happy with her curves but was shocked to see photos of herself and honestly didn’t realize she had gotten so big. She said, “I didn’t realize it was me. I was like, ‘Who?…Oh, my God, this is me.’ And now when I look back, wow, look at the difference from then to now.”

Her lifestyle changes, not to be confused with a diet, have even rubbed off on her fiance David Otunga, a WWE wrestler. She admits, “Now he’s in the habit of writing down what he’s eating. He’s doing weigh-ins. He’s super healthy, and he’s a bodybuilder type, but he is inspired by it.”

Hudson says that keeping track of her point is a snap with a cool WW iPhone app. She won’t say exactly how much she has lost but does admit she weight 30 pounds less than she did when she appeared on American Idol in 2004.

Jennifer, 28, has been busy with photo shoots and filming commercial ads for the new Weight Watchers campaign that will kick off on April 4th.

Check out her video and photo gallery of her before and after photos below: