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The world is anxiously awaiting the PGA comback of Tiger Woods next week at the Masters in Augusta. It never occurred to us that his wife Elin Nordegren might be a no-show but rumor has it, she is seriously considering a trip to Sweden to be with her family rather than subject herself to further public scrutiny.

The PGA and Tiger’s sponsors have been counting on her to provide a public display of support by appearing in the gallery to watch her husband, even if it is just for a few hours.

The truth is, the PGA Tour is at a critical juncture. Next year it will begin negotiating new TV contracts with CBS and NBC. The tour is currently trying to secure sponsors for 10 events in 2011 during unfavorable economic conditions. Suffice it to say that Tiger’s return to competive golf will be huge.

Everyone with a vested interest in the success of professional golf is waiting to see what will happen. Will Elin be there? What about his mom? What will happen when Woods is standing over his first big putt? Will the galleries be a forgiving bunch or out for a pound of flesh?

A source told People magazine: “Elin does not want to go to the Masters and is preparing for a trip. She would rather not be there…and it is easier for her to be far away than home in Orlando.”

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