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Recently TMZ reported that they had spoken to a very close friend of Lindsay Lohan who feared that if she continued on in the reckless manner that she was living, she would not be alive for very much longer. Now the police are saying the same thing.

There are several police officer who are in contact with Lindsay on a regular basis because of her partying. When Lohan is out and about on the town, they are called upon frequently to assist in keeping her safe from the paparazzi.

LAPD sources say that in the last few months it has become apparent that Lindsay’s attitude has gotten worse and her behavior is often times erratic.

On a recent night out for the actress, the officers felt she was so out of control that they contemplated putting her on a 5150 hold for psychiatric evaluation. But when it came right down to it, they did feel that she was still able to take care of herself.

LiLo attended Perez Hilton‘s 32nd birthday bash over the weekend. Lindsay and Perez? Seems like an off-match to us.

Photos of the two below:

Photos: Jody Cortes-Rachel Worth – WENN