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Art Linkletter, Rue McLanahan, Tom Bosley, Barbara Billingsley…RIP

As 2010 comes to a close we take the opportunity to reflect upon those who are no longer with us. Among those who have passed this year are Hollywood celebrities, athletes, musicians and politicians.

January: Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson, actor Pernell Roberts, musician Teddy Pendergrass.

February: Fashion designer Alexander McQueen, Olympic luger Nodar Kumaritashvili, Deadliest Catch Captain Phil Harris.

March: Actor Robert Culp, NFL Hall of Famer Merlin Olsen, actor Peter Graves and child actor Corey Haim.

April: Actor John Forsythe and actress Dixie Carter.

May: Brittany Murphy widower Simon Monjack, actor Dennis Hopper, singer Lena Horne, child actor Gary Coleman, television personality Art Linkletter, actress Lynn Redgrave.

June: Senator Robert C. Byrd, singer and sausage king Jimmy Dean, actress Rue McLanahan.

July: Bill Cowher’s wife Kaye Cowher, Yankees owner George Steinbrenner.

August: Canadian pro wrestler Luna Vachon, celebrity plastic surgeon Frank Ryan.

September: Segway mogul James Heselden, actor Tony Curtis.

October: Actress Lisa Blount, U.S. swimmer Fran Crippen, actress Barbara Billingsley, actor Tom Bosley.

November: MLB manager Sparky Anderson, actor Leslie Nielsen.

December: Lawyer Elizabeth Edwards, film director Blake Edwards, NFL quarterback and sports commentator Don Meredith.

Memorial gallery below: