Book Review: Lynne Spears 'Through the Storm'


Having just finished reading my copy of Lynne Spears book Through the Storm, it must be said that it was very well written and  provides a new view of Britney Spears and her family, oh and that slime ball Sam Lutfi.

For starters, Britney's father Jamie Spears is an alcoholic and was in and out of his family's life during his binge years.  Lynne did her best to keep her family together and was blessed with a tight knit group of friends and family who would help her get through the ups and downs of show business and her failed marriage.

This heartwarming book gives us a good look into the shady world of stardom and one parent's struggle to keep her children safe from a world full of sharks.  Finding it impossible at times to take what life threw at the Spears family, Lynne's faith seemed to get her through and continues to keep her positive now.  Brit's mom said that never knowing what each day would bring or who to trust were her most challenging issues.

We highly recommend reading Through the Storm. The chapter on Sam Lutfi was unbelievable and will make you furious.  In my mind his actions were no better than a killer.  Thankfully his manipulative ways backfired on the power hungry villain.

One interesting item of note was Lynne's comment that Justin Timberlake and Britney are reuniting and will be doing a song together for one of their new albums.  I can't wait.  My prediction is that it will be a #1 hit.

Go out and get your copy today!