Miley Cyrus Kissing Thomas Sturges: The NEW Make Out Photos

miley cyrus kissing pajamas

More photos have been leaked of Miley Cyrus kissing ex-boyfriend Thomas Sturges.  The new images of their make out session are more intimate than the previous pictures of the Hannah Montana star flashing her green bra and lying on top of Sturges.

The photos appear to have been taken at various times, since the teens are wearing different clothes.  In one photo Miley is wearing the flannel shirt she had on in the previously leaked pictures with Sturges, and pajama pants in the one above.

Miley's personal photos have slowing been leaking online since pics from her Myspace hit the internet in December.  Each time the photos get a little more risque, like the wet t-shirt shower and other naughty photos that were reportedly sent to Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.

The biggest controversy to date seems to be the Vanity Fair photos taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Miley issued a statement saying she was embarassed by the photos and apologized to her fans.  I'm sure Disney cringes each time a new batch of photos is released.

View the latest "scandalous" photos below.

miley cyrus kissing thomas sturgesmiley cyrus make out session with thomas sturges

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