Christian Bale Assault

christian bale leaves dorchester hotel

Christian Bale leaves the Dorchester Hotel on the evening of the UK premiere of "The Dark Knight"

The Dark Knight's Christian Bale is being questioned by police over an alleged assault that took place Sunday in his London hotel room.

The 34-year-old actor's mother and sister filed a complaint at a police station in Hampshire yesterday before the West End premiere of The Dark Knight.  Police decided not to interupt the first night celebrations over allegations they were not sure were based in truth.

One source said: 'It was a very difficult situation but it would have been wrong to wreck the premiere over a complaint which we do not yet know is founded in truth. Mr Bale will be contacted at the earliest opportunity and be asked to provide an account of what happened.'

This is not the only drama on Sunday that cast a shadow on the premiere.  British socialite, reality TV star and reporter Peaches Geldof, a guest at the screening, was treated for a suspected drug overdose at her North London flat.

These are just the latest dramas that have surrounded the film.  Heath Ledger, who plays the Joker in the movie, died of a drug overdose in January.  Also, a special-effects technician was killed when a vehicle he was in crashed while on a stunt test run.

UPDATE: Christian Bale Arrested

photo: Wenn