Miley Cyrus Wet T-Shirt Shower and Other Racy Photos

miley cyrus nick j necklace

Just one day after Miley Cyrus was seen wearing an ultra-conservative swimsuit on the beach in Malibu, a hacker who claims to have hacked into Miley's email account has released photos he claims the teen star sent to Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.

One photo shows Miley in a soaking wet t-shirt in the shower, while another shows her blowing kisses into her iPhone while taking a picture of herself with her t-shirt rolled up and her sweat pants rolled down to show her stomach.

The third photo shows the Disney star wearing a Nick J necklace.

The hacker, who goes by trainreq, says he has more photos that he is trying to sell.

Miley has been rocked by one scandal after another ever since her controversial Myspace photos were leaked.

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