Josh Brolin Arrested in Bar Brawl (Mug Shot)

josh brolin mugshot

Josh Brolin mug shot

Josh Brolin was arrested during a bar fight in Shreveport, Louisiana just after 2a.m. Saturday.

The 40-year-old actor is in Shreveport filming Oliver Stone's film about George W. Bush, "W."

Also arrested was 42-year-old actor Jeffrey Wright, who plays Colin Powell, and other crew members from the film.

According to the Shreveport Times, officers were called to the Stray Cat bar to deal with an unruly patron. When they arrived, Brolin and Wright, along with several others at the bar, tried to impede the officers and were charged with interfering with police.

Eric Felland, 29, a lighting technician on the film, was charged with entering and remaining, resisting arrest and public intoxication.

Also arrested were Evan C. Bates, 26, of Torrance, Calif.; Cherilyn Young, 36, of Austin, Texas; Amy Draughn, 33; and Ismael Martinez, 28, of El Paso, Texas.

Brolin was booked in the city jail and posted $334 cash bond.

See mug shots below.

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