Stilettos For Babies...Wh..What? (Photos)

The latest fashion trend being marketed to the parents of babies is stiletto heels....gasp! This over-the-top accessory item for babies is the brain child of Britta Bacon and Hayden Porter. One of the women was taking her baby to a birthday party and envisioned how funny it would have been if her babe in arms had turned up at the infant soirée in spike heels. Ha ha ha?

Their company, Heelarious..her first high heels features soft crib shoes with satin heels and satin lining. They come cleverly packaged in a see through plastic purse with decorative rhinestone closure - perfect for gift giving according to their website.

A flurry of controversy and negative feedback has been forthcoming from child protection agencies, including the British NSPCC. Christopher Cloke, head of child protection awareness was quoted as saying:

This is part of a worrying trend of inappropriate clothing being marketed at young children."

The six styles of custom shoes are available in sizes 0 to 6 month in fashionable shades including hot pink, black and leopard print. The shoes are reportedly not intended to hold up a child. In fact, if a child stands in the shoes the heels will collapse. Would that be classified as a safety feature or a potential hazard?

We've previously done stories on the provocative marketing of edgy fashions for children. The ad campaigns have been called over-the-top by detractors. Beyonce Knowles and her sister Solonge Knowles own one such company, House of Dereon.

Check out the photos below.

  • baby stilettos in black
  • black baby high heels in plastic tote
  • baby stilettos leopard print

  • hot pink stilettos in plastic tote
  • hot pink stilettos size 0 6
  • baby wearing pink stilettos

Photos: WENN