Celebrities Turning the BIG 50 This Year (Photos)

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Turning 50 is a major milestone, signifying the half way mark in ones life. If longevity estimates are accurate, those reaching the half century mark this year have a good chance of living to age 100. Hollywood celebrities are NOT immune to getting older despite their protestations and we've gathered photos of some of Hollywood's finest who were born in 1958.

We know who they are and we're going to share that information. Those who have already turned 50 this year include Ellen DeGeneres, Sharon Stone, Holly Hunter, Alec Baldwin, Michelle Pfeiffer, Drew Carey, Annette Bening and Prince.

Those turning in the months to come include Kevin Bacon and Michael Flatley in July, Madonna and Michael Jackson in August, Andrea Bocelli in September and Jamie Lee Curtis in November.

Check out their photos below.


  • ellen degeneres 50 in january 2008
  • holly hunter 50 in march 2008
  • sharon stone 50 in march 2008
  • alec baldwin 50 in april 2008

  • michelle pfeiffer 50 in april 2008
  • annette bening 50 in may 2008
  • drew carey 50 in may 2008
  • prince turned 50 in june 2008

WILL TURN 50 IN 2008

Andrea Bocelli 50 in September 2008Jamie Lee Curtis 50 in November 2008

Photos: WENN