Lindsay Lohan and Landon Brown Bathroom Tryst

lindsay lohan landon brown

Bobby Brown's son, Landon Brown, is claiming he secretly dated Lindsay Lohan after the two met at a nightclub in West Hollywood and "got together" in the bathroom.
"Me and Lindsay got really, really close. She followed me to the bathroom during a private party, and, well, we basically got together.

"I think she knew who I was when she first saw me. We were just staring at each other and she walked by. I walked into the bathroom and she followed me in."

Brown, who recently starred on the MTV reality show "Rock the Cradle" says he is interested in a reunion with Lohan and is trying to get back in touch with her "really soon."

Yeah, smart move Landon. Women are always anxious to hook up again with a guy who not only kisses and tells, but tells the whole world.