Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Finds Dead Body in Potomac

lynda carter is wonder woman

Lynda Carter of the popular 1970's television series Wonder Woman was out boating on the Potomac River in Washington D.C. yesterday when she came upon a dead body. She was stunned to see a woman floating face down and promptly notified nearby boaters.

Police believe the dead woman was a hiker who may have slipped and fallen into the river. Washington D.C. fire and emergency services spokesperson Scott Kane says:

A middle-aged woman was found floating in the water about a quarter mile north of Three Sisters Island. She was found by a woman in a canoe who flagged down some boats and they called Fire and EMS."

Carter was Miss World USA in 1972. Still stunning at age 56, she returned to films in 2005 and appeared in the remake of The Dukes of Hazzard and Sky High. She has also appeared in an episode of Smallville this season.

The actress is married to attorney Robert Altman. He made headlines in 1992 when he stood trial for banking and securities fraud. He was eventually found not guilty in the highly publicized court proceedings. Carter was shown in front of the courthouse with her arms wrapped around her husband shouting, "Not guilty, not guilty" to a television reporter. The shot made national news at the time.

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