Katie Couric's Big Announcement

katie courics big announcement

Matt Lauer has the world speculating on what Katie Couric could possibly be announcing on the Today Show tomorrow morning. The NBC anchor would only say that it is a "major announcement."

Meredith Vieira, who took over Couric's spot on the Today Show joked that Katie was coming back permanently. Lauer laughed and said, "No, you're not sick again tomorrow are you?"

It has been nearly two years since Katie Couric exited her Today Show post to embark on a new career as the first female CBS news anchor in prime time. She is pulling in a hefty $15 million a year and that may be about to end. Rumors have been running hot and heavy that the honeymoon is over and network executives are rethinking her 5 year contract that would have kept her at the helm until 2011. It is increasingly evident that Couric has not been the shot in the arm that CBS needed to pull their ratings out of third place.

There has been speculation that Katie would be trading her post on the CBS News with Anderson Cooper at CNN or taking over for Larry King, who may be heading into retirement. It seems like an odd twist that NBC is getting the scoop. Tune in tomorrow to get the details on Katie's big announcement. We will be all over it and will let our readers know as soon as we find out!

Wednesday morning update: The three network anchors, Katie Couric, Charles Gibson and Brian Williams are teaming up against cancer. They appears on the three morning talk shows to give the details. It was Couric's first appearance on The Today Show since she left for CBS Evening News two years ago.

On September 5, 2008 the big 3 networks will come together to put on an entertainment telethon that will last one hour - commercial free.  The show will be tied to a website where people can donate.  The project is title Stand Up To Cancer.