Pete Wentz Bachelor Party

joe simpson and pete wentz

With his pending nuptials to Ashlee Simpson, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz hit the town for his Los Angeles bachelor party.

The big night was shared with soon to be father-in-law Joe Simpson, his bandmate Joel Madden and several other male friends. They started their evening doing dinner at Mr. Chow.

Not straying from his hooded uniform ,the rocker seemed happy to be getting married. He must not mind his father-in-law hanging around all the time, which is a good thing. Soon to be sister-in-law Jessica Simpson has not been as fortunate with her men and their interaction with her needy father. Jessica and boyfriend Tony Romo are reportedly on the skids.

As the group left Mr. Chow on to their next destination Joe was seen patting Pete on the back and saying "this is the man." We wonder if he meant...yeah, this is the man who is going to take Ashlee off my hands so I can spend more time helping Jessica find a new boyfriend.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was the final destination with a guy party in the Marilyn Monroe Suite overlooking the Tropicana Bar and Roosevelt pool. This is where it gets a little strange. Jessica was reportedly in the hotel lounge with a couple of her friends. Coincidence?

The bride-to-be held her party at Kiki De Montparnasse which is known for it's luxury lingerie and intimacy products. Perhaps her party was held there because she's PREGNANT and can't drink?

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