Hayden Panettiere is Teen Vogue Cover Girl (Photos)

hayden panettiere teen vogue cover

Hayden Panettiere graces the cover of Teen Vogue Magazine's June-July 2008 issue, available on stands May 20th. The 18 year old actress has the prominent role of Claire Bennet on the hit NBC drama Heroes. The first season's slogan 'Save the Cheerleader, Save the World' helped to catapult her to stardom.

Heroes will have another gorgeous addition to their cast when they start their new season this Fall. Brea Grant is now filming with the crew and should add a new dimension to the drama. Check her Brea Grant HERE.

Hayden sat for an interview and photo shoot for Teen Vogue. She had this to say about the entertainment industries reputation of turning young actresses into bad girls:

In Hollywood, there is no such thing as being a nice girl. Or being, you know, not messed up. If you’re not, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDEqwWdqg0A