Elisabeth Hasselbeck Fitness Magazine Photo Shoot

elisabeth hasselback fitness magazine

Elisabeth Hasselbeck graces the cover of Fitness magazine's latest issue. The hot looking co-host of The View has been working hard to get back her fit and firm body following the birth of her baby son Taylor, who is six months old. Looks like mission accomplished.

Hasselbeck is married to NFL quarterback Tim Hasselbeck, who is currently under contract with the Arizona Cardinals and does work as a sports commentator for NFL on Fox. The couple also have a four year old daughter Grace.

Elisabeth told her fellow co-hosts that she put together a full workout program specifically to get ready for the photo shoot and is proud of the fact that she didn't have to resort to a strict diet. She feels renewed, strong and determined, according to the article that accompanies the photo shoot.

Hasselbeck made headlines in 2007 when she and former co-host Rosie O'Donnell engaged in a heated 'on air' cat fight. The staunch Republican has been a strong supporter of the Bush administration and frequently defends her views against the other panel members who cut her no slack.

Elisabeth has shown a tenacious side that speaks volumes about her ability to stand up for her beliefs, even when they are unpopular. This trait has definitely gotten the attention of the current administration. The co-host snagged a much coveted invitation to the White House for a state dinner last year to honor Queen Elizabeth.

Her break into showbiz was back in 2001, when she was one of the final four contestants on the reality television show Survivor. Check out some photos from her reality TV stint.

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