Lindsay Lohan Adds Coat Thief To Resume: Masha Markova Wants $10K


Masha Markova received a beautiful blond mink coat as a gift from her grandmother that is reportedly valued at $11,000. She wore the coat to NYC nightclub 1Oak on January 26th and put it in a common bin with all of the other coats. The Columbia University student was shocked to find out that the coat was missing when she attempted to retrieve it at 3:00 a.m. after an evening of partying.

The young woman thought the coat was lost forever until she happened to see a photograph of Lindsay Lohan wearing the coat in a February issue of OK! Magazine. Masha remembered that the actress was sitting next to her at one point during the January 26th party, which happened to coincide with the date of the OK! photo.

The co-ed, a bright young woman, said there was no question that the coat was hers. She phoned her attorney who in turn contacted Lohan's attorney. In very short order, Markova received a call from 1Oak, indicating that they had found her coat. When pressed, they were not able or willing to provide additional details about how the coat happened to reappear.

Markova is happy to have her mink jacket back but reported that it smelled like smoke, was soiled and had a tear in the lining. After giving the matter some thought, Markova has instructed her lawyer to demand $10,000 from Lindsay Lohan for the unauthorized three week rental of the coat.

To see photos of Lindsay and Masha both wearing the coat CLICK HERE.