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Valerie Bertinelli was able to cross off another item from her list of goals after completing a 13.1 mile half-marathon on Sunday. The slim and trim 49 year-old-actress participated in the Napa-to-Sonoma Wine Country event.

She completed the course that meandered through the beautiful wine region in 2:12:19. After crossing the finish line she admitted, “My legs are killing me, but I think I’m so high and excited and full of pride – which is an unusual thing for me! – that I probably won’t feel it for a couple days. I am in amazement. I can’t believe what a body can do if you believe in it.”

The actress had Pink cranked on her iPod and boyfriend Tom Vitale, 47, running at her side. He has served as her personal race trainer and is already trying to talk her into running a full marathon before she turns 50 next April. She admits that she is still on the fence, having a little trouble wrapping her head around it. Something tells us that before long that pipe dream will be on her radar screen because Bertinelli is simply amazing.

Check out some race photos below and for a walk down memory lane, we’ve included Valerie Bertinelli’s recent bikini photos below.