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The ongoing Amanda Bynes saga gets more worrisome by the day, and nowhere is the actress’ increasing mental instability more apparent than on her Twitter page.

Sources say Bynes is homeless these days, and that she’s been spending her nights with friends and her days wandering the streets of LA.

Unfortunately, Bynes is filling all that free time by posting plenty of tweets, and while none of them have been as troubling as the time Amanda falsely accused her father of sexual assault, they’re still…well let them speak for themselves:

Amanda posted all of the following in the past 24 hours:

“It goes against my religion to follow an ugly person.”

“I’m so rude…If you don’t like someone you have every right to be rude to them.”

“Adolf Hitler tricked the Germans into believing that Jews were less than the Germans and that they should be segregated tnd then killed…But Germans who feel that Adolf Hitler was incorrect aren’t guilty in my book.”

“Feel my pain.”

That last one was posted several times and seems to be some sort of personal mantra for Amanda.

So yeah, pretty troubling stuff, but not as bad as you think it’s gonna be when you first hear that Amanda Bynes is tweeting about Hitler.

Even so, we’re hoping this girl gets the help she needs ASAP.