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Katherine Heigl is the Most Desirable

Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl was named the world's most desirable woman by Those men asked to participate in this survey may be smoking something, but she is pretty hot, we will give them that.

Here's a photo of her that may give you some idea of why she won. It's no Katherine Heigl nude, sorry, but it's still pretty sexy in a classy way ...

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Cover Your Ears: Heidi Montag Has New Song

God knows why, but yes, it's true. The Hills / celebrity gossip star Heidi Montag is determined to make it in the music business.

"Heidi has started her own record label with Super Producer RedONE," People reports. "RedOne will write and produce an entire album of 13 songs."

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Don Imus Makes Racist Remark About Pacman Jones

Don Imus has done it again!

Yesterday, the controversial, much-maligned radio host wondered aloud about the race of NFL star Adam "Pacman" Jones after hearing about the various (and by various, we mean many) run-ins with the law Jones has had.

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Who Will Be the Best Spears Mom?

Who Will Be the Best Spears Mom?

It's a difficult question, since two of them have already failed miserably in some respects, while the third has been a mom for all of four days.

But now that Jamie Lynn Spears has welcomed baby Maddie Briann Aldridge into the world along with fiance Casey Aldridge, we have to ask:

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Amy Winehouse in Treatment; Death Watch Continues

Amy Winehouse in Treatment; Death Watch Continues

Amy Winehouse, who really might die and has been hospitalized for testing after collapsing in London last week, is suffering the early stages of emphysema, her father, Mitch, says - but she is "responding brilliantly to treatment."

The troubled singer, 24, was rushed to the hospital June 16 after she fainted in her home. She has been undergoing tests that ruled out tuberculosis, but her father said over the weekend that Amy has serious health problems.

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Pete Wentz Throws Out First Pitch

Please, Chicago Cubs. Spare us next time?

We get it. Pete Wentz grew up in the Chicago area, played dive bars around the colleges before Fall Out Boy got huge, and so on.

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