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Mykelti Brown says she’s a brand new woman.

And she means this almost literally.

The 27-year old daughter of Christine and Kody Brown has been keep followers apprised of her weight loss journey for several months now, having recently flaunted her slimmed-down figure on Instagram.

Mykelti Brown on Sister Wives
Mykelti Brown addresses the camera in this Sister Wives confessional. (TLC)

Now, meanwhile, the mother of three has done so again — this time elaborating in far greater detail just how far she has come and just how far she still wants to go.

“Two and a half years later, I’ve hit my original GOAL,” Brown wrote to open a lengthy message this week.

“I started my weight loss journey late fall of 2021 weighing 270 pounds. I got pregnant with my twins (unexpectedly) early Spring 2022 weighing 245 pounds.

“Obviously my journey to a healthier me was changed. November 2022 right before delivery with my sons I was back up to weighing 275 pounds.”

Mykelti Brown sits here alongside husband Tony
Mykelti Brown sits here alongside husband Tony on Sister Wives. (TLC)

To her credit, Mykelti recognized back then that her body “deserved a break” and she therefore set out to relax and “enjoy” her babies until just about a year ago.

In January 2023, Brown weighed 230 pounds.

Since then?

“I’ve been consuming a low calorie high protein diet for just over a year now. I take a gut health supplement that helps my body keep the nutrients from food and shed the crap,” the occasional Sister Wives star explained.

Christine Brown in front of the camera
Christine Brown is featured in this Sister Wives interview. (TLC)

It’s this second statement that has some fans concerned.

Mykelti’s mom and her mom’s close friend, Janelle Brown, both work as salespeople for Plexus Worldwide, a dietary supplement company that’s best known for its “pink drinks” — such as Plexus Slim Hunger Control or Plexus Slim Microbiome Activating.

The thing is, Plexus has often been considered a pyramid scheme.

To be clear, we don’t know for certain if Mykelki is also being paid by this company to promote various products.

But she does often push supplements via social media, even if they have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Christine Brown on Sister Wives special
Christine Brown delves into her marriage in this scene from Sister Wives. (TLC)

We’ve read the official Plexus website is all and the apparent multi-level marketing plan is basically spelled out for all to see, as it tells potential salespeople:

Introduce the people you love to the products you love—because really, they’re too great to keep to yourself. Change someone’s life with a great product, and change your own life with the opportunity to grow your income, earn incredible rewards, and find personal fulfillment.

Love it. Share it. Become an Ambassador.

Weird and questionable, wouldn’t you say?

Janelle and Christine on Sister Wives
Janelle and Christine Brown via a confessional on Sister Wives. (TLC)

Back to Mykelti, though.

She concluded her post this week as follows:

It’s been a lot of work and determination. I’ve tried many different recipes and found the restaurants that best meet my needs.

Tony and I have been a constant team through this helping and encouraging one another. February 2024 I currently weigh 160 pounds. I’m not done yet!!!

It’s time to start bulking up my muscle. My long term goals are to live a long life and be able to keep up with my kids as they grow. I feel better with more energy and higher endurance than ever.

This is fantastic, we do want to emphasize that point.

We’re so proud that Mykelti feels good about herself and has accomplished her goals.

We just hope she’s doing it in a responsible and healthy manner.