Kourtney Kardashian Responds to Pregnancy Rumors With Lingerie Pics: See What You're Missing, Scott?!

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Perhaps for the first time ever, Kourtney is currently the most-discussed member of the Kardashian clan.

Kim and Khloe still have their fair share of drama to endure, but it's Kourtney who's making daily tabloid headlines in recent months.

Of course, most of this recent scrutiny is a result of Kourtney's relationship with Travis Barker ...

... and all the controversy it's caused.

Kourtney and Travis at Dinner

Kourtney and Travis have been moving fast -- insiders say they've basically been joined at the hip since their first date.

And this eagerness to speed past the usual relationship milestones has sparked quite a few rumors about what step these two will take next.

Some say the Kourtney and Travis are engaged.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker on Red Carpet

Others believe the couple is already married.

But perhaps the most persistent rumor has been that Kourtney is pregnant with Travis' baby.

Now, we can't say with absolute certainty that there's no truth to those claims.

Kourtney Kardashian Is Probably Not Pregnant

But if the photo above was taken recently, then it looks as though Kourt's not very far along.

The pic was posted on the Instagram page for Kourtney's Poosh lifestyle brand.

It was a Story post that promised new insights into the 42-year-old's "detox routine," but you probably won't be surprised to learn that the photo is getting a lot more attention than the article it was supposed to promote.

Kourtney Kardashian in Vegas with Travis Barker

Again, Kourtney could be pulling a Kylie here and posting old pics to conceal the fact that she's pregnant.

But the most likely explanation is that she and Travis are just gonna stick with the five kids they already have between them.

Of course, the possibility of wee Kravis baby isn't the only source of controversy for this couple.

Kourtney, Travis, Megan, MGK

There have been rumors that Kourtney's baby daddy, Scott Disick, hates Travis for essentially squashing his chances for reconciling with Kourtney.

Now, the procession of teenagers that Scott's dated in recent years had probably already killed any chance he had of getting back together with his ex.

But it's easier to just blame Travis, so of course, that's the path that Scott has chosen.

Scott Disick on Insta

"Scott Disick is still very bitter about Kourtney and Travis' relationship," says the source.

"He wants her to be happy, but behind closed doors, he will always have regrets about their relationship and why it didn't work out," the insider adds.

"He is bitter because he's never seen Kourtney this serious about someone."

Kourtney Kardashian Is Topless

Well, Scott might be out of luck on that one, since it looks as though these two won't be going their separate ways anytime soon.

Only Kourtney and Travis know if marriage and kids are in their future, but for now, it seems like they're just enjoying each other's company.

And based on all their PDA posts, it looks as though these two are enjoying each other quite a bit!

We imagine that's a tough thing to look at if you're Scott, but maybe dude should either look away or grow up and be happy that the mother of his children has found so much happiness.

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