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For Isabel Roloff, the countdown isn’t just on.

It’s almost over.

The former Little People, Big World star is expecting her very first child with husband Jacob — having broken the major news in July — and is getting oh-so-very-very-close to motherhood.

According to a very reliable source, that is:

Isabel Roloff at 31 Weeks
Photo via Instagram

Isabel Roloff herrself!

The 25-year old shared a brand new selfie on her Instagram Story this week, giving followers an up close and personal look not just at herself… but at her due date as well.

Sort of.

"Me looking at myself in the mirror trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I could have a baby next month," Isabel wrote across the snapshot.

Photo via Instagram

Back in the summer, Isabel used the following photo to alert fans to her pregnancy status.

She wrote as a caption at the time:

"We are elated to share that the baby boy we have been dreaming of is coming this December."

How exciting and amazing, right?!?

Jacob and Isabel Roloff Announcement
Photo via Facebook

For his part, Jacob hasn’t expressed the kind of enthusiasm we’ve seen on display from his wife.

He even warned folks just a short while ago that they’ll never see photos of his child on social media.

Isabel might feel the same way. She might also be in favor of keeping this aspect of her private life as private as possible and we totally respect that.

But Isabel hasn’t been able to contain how psyched she is to welcome her impending bundle of joy, either.

Isabel Roloff at 7 Months

Hence why she continues to upload baby bump photos and hence why she continues to keep followers apprised of her physical and mental status.

"What a special time in life," Isabel wrote as a caption just yesterday to a photo of leaves changing colors for autumn.

Back on September 21, she also posted a lovely picture of her and her husband in a romantic embrace.

You can check it out here:

Photo via Instagram

She then addressed her husband directly.

"Jacob, I remember the first day we talked about it," Isabel wrote.

"We had just started dating. I was nervous to mention it but I thought I’d get it out of the way.

“Do you see yourself having kids?” I asked you suddenly.

Future Family of 3
Photo via Instagram

Concluded Isabel:

I saw your eyes widen; you were not expecting that question out of the blue.

“Absolutely,” you said. “Do you?”

I smiled and nodded. But maybe I was feeling bold that day. I’m not sure. “I guess let me ask what I really want to. Do you see yourself having kids… with me?” My heart started beating quickly. What was I honestly thinking, mentioning this so soon?

Jacob and Isabel Roloff in Black/White

“I mean… I’m glad you asked. Because I can see it. Can you?”

I could see it, too. The thought of that moment, two teenagers talking about it. A future that seemed so far away then. So out of reach.

Too good to be true even. I can see it, babe.

And it’s finally almost here.