Erika Jayne Pitched a Screaming Fit at a Producer, Lisa Rinna Reveals

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Last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ended on a strange note.

Erika Jayne snapped at Garcelle Beauvais, accusing her of betraying their friendship, leaving Garcelle baffled.

Apparently there was a lot more to this story that we didn't see on the actual episode.

In fact, Lisa Rinna says that Erika had a screaming match with a producer that we all should have seen.

Erika Jayne Remarks on the Downfall of Her Ex

After last week's episode, Lisa Rinna took to Instagram to reveal that something major was left out.

“Dang it . . . I wish they had shown the screaming fight," her Story post began.

It was a fight "between the producer and Erika last night on the show in La Quinta."

Erika Jayne Feels Betrayed

"Now that would have been epic TV," Lisa remarked.

It would break the fourth wall, but it would certainly be entertaining.

She commented: "Too bad."

Erika Jayne Explains How Things Are

"Bravo Bravo F--king Bravo," Lisa quipped.

This was an obvious reference to Denise Richards' desperate attempts to sabotage filming last season.

Lisa then predicted that she would "get in trouble" for the post.

Lisa Rinna IG Erika Jayne screaming match with producer

Lisa might not get into trouble.

Behind-the-scenes glimpses can sometimes increase interest in a show, and draw back viewers.

And just because we didn't see the screaming match last week doesn't mean that it will never air.

Erika Jayne Despairs in the Desert

Before we delve into that possibility, however, let's look at what the screaming match may have been about.

According to what someone close to the stars has told multiple sites, this was never about Garcelle.

Instead, Erika was reportedly furious with production for using Garcelle to get to her.

Crystal Kung Minkoff Discusses Red Flags

Allegedly, Erika had a private conversation with Crystal Kung Minkoff and producers heard some of that through a hot mic.

Hoping to get usable footage on the topic, they apparently prompted Garcelle to touch on certain topics.

Erika's anger exploded when she realized what had happened.

Garcelle Beauvais Shares with Kyle Richards

The prompting is fairly standard for reality television.

The conversations may be real, but producers will say "oh hey, can you guys talk about the thing?" so that they can capture it on camera.

Of course there's an agenda, but feeding someone questions or topics to bring up is still a far cry from a convo being fake.

E. Jayne

We mentioned the possibility that viewers might get to see this blowup screaming match anyway.

That would be because it could air at the Reunion special.

We could also see it elsewhere, like on Watch What Happens Live.

Erika Jayne Photograph

Erika has strongly confirmed that she will be at the Reunion special despite the obvious sensitivity of the topics surrounding her life and storyline.

The Reunion can be a venue for never-before-seen footage and for events not previously aired to be explained.

Whether it will come up ... we don't know. But it would be interesting to hear how it all went down.

Erika Jayne Breaks Down Again

Keep in mind that we have seen Real Housewives air Housewives screaming at producers before.

One memorable example actually took place at a Reunion, during a Vicki Gunvalson meltdown.

It might do viewers good to have more context, especially since we have to remember that a lot of them only watch the show, and do not keep up with the stars on social media.

Vicki Gunvalson SCREAMS at a Producer

Only time will tell what makes it to air.

Erika is in a precarious position, given the very real possibility that some of what she says and does on TV could be used against her.

Editors and producers have a lot of power over where her life goes right now. That's an intense situation.

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