Angela Deem Unveils New Body After Boob Job in Poolside Photoshoot

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While Angela Deem's bad behavior at the Tell All is raising eyebrows, she did more than that.

As she first walked onto the stage, Angela debuted her brand new body after a series of cosmetic procedures.

Losing about 100 pounds and receiving breast implants is a lot for a body to go through in a short time.

But Angela's results speak for themselves ... even if Angela herself will always speak louder.

Angela Deem makes body transformation debut on HEA Season 6 Tell All

Before Angela Deem brought her usual brand of disgusting misbehavior, she debuted her brand new body.

Money and a series of surgical procedures can do wonders for the body, and the 55-year-old grandmother is living proof of that.

This moment was her first televised unveiling (in more ways than one) of her body ... but not the first that we've seen it.

Angela Deem in a Las Vegas Pool

Angela flaunted her new body in a red, white, and blue one-piece bathing suit while lounging in the pool.

Aside from the filming of the Tell All, this is one of the most recent images of Angela.

Many of her past "debut" photos were from before some of the weight loss and also came before her breast augmentation surgery.

Angela Deem and Tana Lea

As fans may recall, Angela was in Vegas last month to attend Nick Hogan's 31st birthday party.

There, she rubbed elbows with Nick and with his girlfriend, Tana.

Yes, there are people in this world who want Angela to show up for their parties.

Angela Deem Displays New Body in Vegas

To her credit, Angela does look better after her full body transformation.

She is still dealing with excess skin and she continues to look significantly older than she actually is.

But that's her business. How someone looks is up to them, and if Angela is happy with her body, that can only be a good thing.

Angela Deem - rub my leg, Mike

Not that she ever lacked for it, but Angela's new body appears to have given her new confidence as well.

At the Tell All, she was quick to throw a leg onto Mike Youngquist's lap after previously flirting with him over his "single" status.

If Michael Ilesanmi had done anything of the sort, Angela would have set him on fire. Fans know this.

Michael Ilesanmi - I mean, I really can't wait to see her

Speaking of Angela's husband, he was quick to gush over her new body at the Tell All.

On the one hand, it was exactly what she wanted to hear.

At the same time, after Michael had been so opposed to her getting surgery in the first place, it felt like he only liked her new breasts.

Angela Deem complains she feels ghosted by Michael Ilesanmi

Angela complained that Michael became mysteriously difficult to reach after her surgeries.

She would call him and he would not answer her.

She wondered if he was cheating on her or no longer cared about her.

Michael Ilesanmi - I go out to run errands or I go to church

Michael said that he was simply running errands or attending church.

(It's unclear why he wouldn't be able to answer her calls while running errands, but okay)

That was not all, however.

Angela Deem appears to sob without tears at HEA Season 6 Tell All

Angela claimed that Michael had made fun of her body after her surgery.

While that sounds cruel, some fans and viewers questioned whether Angela's "tears" here were real.

She didn't seem to be actually crying so much as trying to manipulate viewers for sympathy after many called for her firing, some fans argue.

Shaun Robinson notes links between Angela and Dr. Obeng

Angela's flirtations with her surgeon, Dr. Obeng, also came up.

She had attended the man's birthday party, when she would have screamed vicious abuses at Michael if their situations were reversed.

Angela did not admit that she had been alone with Dr. Obeng ... until Shaun exposed her, noting that Dr. Obeng had given her a ride home not long ago.

Angela Deem got a ride home from Dr. Obeng

Most infamously, Angela was seen baring her breasts during a heated confrontation with Michael's aunt, Lydia.

She pulled down her top, exposing her recently augmented breasts and her tattoo.

While this was mercifully blurred for the rest of us, her castmates were not so fortunate.

Angela Deem flashes the camera and screams

Angela might not be a good person or even behave to the minimum standards of how an adult human being should.

But she has certainly undergone a dramatic physical transformation that makes her happy.

It's just a shame that she seems intent on, whether because it's profitable or simply in her nature, behaving like an ill-tempered orangutan. You hate to see it.

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