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For weeks, 90 Day Fiance fans have wondered why Stephanie Davison vanished from Instagram.

Some were concerned that trolls or even stern legal advice were behind her disappearance.

The fan questions and blog coverage have pushed Stephanie to return to social media.

While she still doesn’t seem to be showing her face, she says that everything’s great … and seems to be offering a cash prize.

Stephanie Davison speaks to the camera about Belize

Just last week, we noted how concerned fans on social media have been about Stephanie’s absence.

It had been weeks since her last post, and months since she was active on Instagram.

That’s unusual for a reality star, especially one who went on the show to promote her business.

Stephanie Davison has doubts about Ryan Carr fidelity

Speculation was all over the place.

It was no secret that Stephanie had been bombarded by trolls after her appearance on the show.

Eccentric behavior turned erratic once she was in Belize, and some did not believe that antihistamines were to blame.

Stephanie Davison doesn't like what she's hearing

Others wondered if it had been legal advice from her attorney in the wake of the state threatening legal action.

Michigan authorities accused Stephanie of peddling a false COVID-19 cure, though she did not seem to directly claim anything of the sort.

Any decent attorney would of course advise their client to not discuss such a serious topic outside of court until the matter is truly settled.

"Missing?! NOW I HAVE HEARD IT ALL!" Stephanie Davison declared on a Monday, July 26 Instagram post.

(For the record, she is the one who excluded her face from the photo — we did not do that)

"Between pool parties and concerts, I honestly want to go missing for a couple months," she boasted.

Stephanie Davison explains why she's single (bad dad)

"You know me…I do [what] I want," Stephanie declared.

"So," she added, "I probably will!"

Stephanie concluded her caption with a colorful invitation for fans to "#getoffmydick"

"I heard there is an article that I’m missing," Stephanie explained to one commenter.

"One day, I’m going to read an article that gets everything correct, just one… that’s all I ask!!" she wrote.

We would of course encourage Stephanie to read our coverage of her, and that if anything is somehow inaccurate, to let us know.

Stephanie Davison lounges beside her cat

"Seriously, come on Grand Rapids and Bay Harbor people," Stephanie continued.

She then claimed: "I take pictures with people every frickin time I leave my homes….every day!!"

"Never once have I said no to a pic when they want it," Stephanie added. 

Stephanie Davison tries to call Ryan Carr

"And if one person can ever say I was a bitch," Stephanie claimed, "I’ll give em $10,000!!"

It’s unclear if Stephanie is genuinely offering a cash prize or simply using an expression.

It’s true that she enjoys showing off her material success, but there are dangers in being too literal.

Stephanie Davison hula hoops wearing UV glasses

We cannot speak for others who covered Stephanie’s conspicuous Instagram absence.

We here at THG, at least, at no point claimed that she herself was "missing" in any way.

Rather, we observed her Instagram hiatus and reported on fan concern and speculation.

Stephanie Davison recoils during an unpleasant convo

And yes, Stephanie has many fans!

Some 90 Day Fiance viewers decided to "hate" her, either for her eccentricities, her bad interaction with antihistamines, or for on-screen mistakes.

If you’ve kept up with fan reactions to 90 Day Fiance for a few years, it should be no surprise to see 90 Day fans hating women for living their lives.

Stephanie Davison secretly pays Ryan's resort salary

It is unfortunate that Stephanie appears to have had bad experiences with coverage of her story, on and off screen.

But as we said, it is no surprise.

Fortunately, while many stars in the franchise rely upon fans’ goodwill to prosper, Stephanie does not need to ingratiate herself to trolls.