Madison LeCroy to Ben Affleck: You're Welcome for J. Lo, Dude!

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Madison LeCroy is nothing if not snarky.

The polarizing Southern Charm star has been at the center of controversy for a few months now, ever since admitting on her show's latest reunion special that she had a relationship in 2020 with Alex Rodriguez.

Granted, LeCroy deemed it to be "innocent."

Madison LeCroy on Video

But she also admitted to FaceTiming with the retired baseball player while he was engaged to Jennifer Lopez.

And she also said this:

"He's never physically cheated on his fiancée with me."

In this same interview with Page Six, LeCroy explained that she and A. Rod had "spoken on the phone," but added that they'd "never met up" and "never been physical … never had any kind of anything."


Based on this odd phrasing, you can understand why some folks out there think LeCroy and Rodriguez touched themselves (down there!) during these calls, can't you?

Especially when Lopez and Rodriguez split just about two months after LeCroy hinted at inappropriate contact with the latter.

So, what does Madison have to say for herself now?

In the wake of Lopez having apparently moved on with Ben Affleck?

Madison LeCroy in Bed

“I say you’re welcome,” the 30-year-old just told Us Weekly with a laugh, seemingly confirming that she played at least some role on J. Lo dumping A. Rod.

“I mean, I will be honest with you," she added by way of clarification.

"I had nothing to do with why they split, and I think everybody knows that.

"And if you don’t know that, then that’s just ridiculous, like, let’s be honest.”

Madison LeCroy Instagram Image

It's really not, of course.

Why on earth would LeCroy and Rodriguez have chatted on FaceTime?

After he direct messaged her, a development Madison confirmed a couple months ago?

Does a single person think there's been nothing sexual between the blond bombshell and the lying ex-steriod user? A single person?!?

Madison LeCroy On a Boat

When asked whether she would share more details about the A. Rod. situation in the future, LeCroy told this same tabloid that Bravo cameras could capture the scoop if she returns to Southern Charm for season 8.

Which makes it all make sense now.

LeCroy is earning an A-Plus in contract negotiations here.

“I’m happy to tell my story,” the salon owner replied.

“If I’m asked the questions, yes, I will tell the truth. I will say this – the reason why I’m not bothered is because I’m innocent in that sense.”

Madison LeCroy in a Red Bikini

As for her current love life?

LeCroy just went public with her handsome boyfriend.

She shared a number of pictures of herself and this nameless individual, kissing and cozying up aboard a boat.

"Madison is very happy and fully committed to her relationship," an insider tells People Magazine.

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