Jinger Duggar Sends Message to Jim Bob With Her Shortest Shorts Yet!

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Jim Bob Duggar has a lot on his plate these days.

In addition to the usual challenges that come with being a father of 19 and a "high-class hoarder" who's always on the hunt for his next hustle, Jim Bob is coping with a major headache that goes by the name of Josh.

As you've no doubt heard by now, Josh Duggar was arrested on child pornography charges back in April.

He's currently out on bail and awaiting trial -- and his chances of avoiding a lengthy prison sentence do not look good.

Josh Duggar Mug Shot

This is a concern for Jim Bob for many reasons, not the least of which is that having a son in prison for the child pornography probably won't do his reputation any favors.

And to make matters worse, it seems that JB's other kids are finally starting to see the light and realize that their father isn't the flawless moralist and business genius that he's made himself out to be.

And as a result of this realization, they're rebelling against his reign of terror like never before.

Jim Bob Duggar: Father of the Groom

Jill Duggar cut ties with her parents years ago, and now the other most rebellious Duggar is sending a strong message that she's done living under Jim Bob's thumb.

And she's doing it ... with jorts.

Yes, call 'em jean shorts or jorts or denim Daisy Dukes -- however you refer to them, the fact remains that no one is rocking them as rebelliously as Jinger Duggar.

Jinger Duggar Rocks Short Jorts

If you've been following this family closely for the past several years, you probably know that Jinger's decision to start wearing shorts represented major progress within the ultra-conservative Duggar clan.

Before then, Jim Bob and Michelle's daughters were forced to wear floor-length skirts at all times, even while engaging in sports or other outdoor activities.

Then Jinger married Jeremy Vuolo, and he gave her permission to start wearing pants, and yes ... even shorts.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo on the Gram

It was Jeremy who posted the latest photo of Jinger rocking shorts, and predictably fans were quick to applaud her independence (even though, sadly, she had to get his permission before ditching the skirts).

"I came home yesterday to find @jingervuolo building a swing set for Felicity. Best. Mom. Ever," Vuolo captioned the pic.

Obviously, Jinger earns major "cool mom" points for building her kids a swingset, but most commenters were more interested in her attire than in her work.

Evangeline and Jinger

"Jinger, your outfit," one fan gushed.

"Go girl with those shorts!!" another exclaimed.

Yes, Jim Bob's control over his daughters was so profound that years after Jinger moved to Los Angeles, fans are still applauding her for standing up to the patriarch and wearing whatever she wants.

Jinger Duggar on Palm Sunday

Jim Bob probably isn't as disappointed in his rebellious daughters as he is in his predatory son -- but honestly, who knows?

Misogyny is present in just about everything that the Duggars do, and they're open about their belief that women are put on earth to in order to breed.

It's a sick, nauseating belief system -- but of course, those descriptors could be applied to just about anything Jim Bob does.

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