Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules: It's Over!

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Victoria Fuller has spent the bulk of this summer having a grand ol' time banging Chris Soules.

But it seems that his days of plowing her fields are over ... for now.

Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller

On Wednesday, September 9, Victoria Fuller gave an interview with Nick Viall for his Viall Files podcast.

There, she opened up about her split from Chris Soules, the hunky farmer who was The Bachelor Season 19's titular leading man in 2015.

"I am just living my best life," Victoria announced.

Victoria Fuller Works the Angles

According to Victoria, things ended with Chris simply because "we went a separate direction."

"But," she emphasized, "I respect him so much. I think he's an amazing man."

"I just think that, like, right now, I'm in such a different place than he is," Victoria explained.

Chris Soules Looks Dapper

"And," Victoria acknowledged, "I'm not moving to Iowa any time soon."

Being a farmer, Chris cannot exactly uproot his life for a relationship. That leaves him with limited options.

"So," she reasoned, "I just want to focus on me."

Victoria Fuller Story

Victoria explained: "It's been so much about other people this year."

She's reached a point "that I just really wanna like home in on what I want to accomplish."

Victoria added: "And like what I want to get out of this year and looking forward to my career in the future."

Chris Soules in Iowa

""I still talk to him all the time," Victoria shared, emphasizing how much they have remained in touch.

She gushed: "I think he's amazing and we are a lot alike."

"But," Victoria reiterates, "I just want to focus on myself right now."

Victoria Fuller on the Farm

"I am not a farmer," Victoria admitted, in obvious reference to Chris' profession and passion.

"But," she joked, "I know a lot about f--king corn now."

After spending so much time "ploughing" with Chris, we can imagine that she picked up a few things.

The Bachelor Chris Soules

Victoria is not against the idea of reconciling with Chris in the future.

"He's not your person," Nick characterized, "at least at this stage in your life."

Sometimes, that is exactly the state of things. Two people click together -- but the timing isn't right.

Victoria Fuller Underwear Photo

"Well, we don't know that," Victoria emphasized.

She noted that "We talk every day."

"So," Victoria affirmed, "I'm going to leave that open."

Chris Soules Sunset Photo

Victoria is the first to admit that their relationship was and is "complicated."

"I'm just living my life," she noted, "and he is an amazing man and he deserves somebody super awesome who's willing to like go to Iowa and live in Iowa."

"And right now I'm just not there yet," Victoria confessed. "Maybe I will be in a couple years."

Victoria Fuller Picture

"Chris and I met through a mutual friend, Kelsey Weier, who was also on the show, final four shout-out. She set us up," Victoria confirmed.

"She was talking about how there's only three people from Iowa that have ever been on The Bachelor and she was one of them and Chris was one of them," she recalled.

Victoria continued: "And I was like, 'Oh, Chris is cute. Why haven't you ever talked to him?' And she was like, 'Oh well,' you know, whatever, I don't really know what her response was."

Chris Soules, Back in the Day

Victoria added: "But she was like, 'I have his number. I can reach out to him.' So she basically just like set it up."

"And," she shared, "he ended up texting me within like five minutes of her giving him my number." She found the earnestness endearing.

"I was like that's so sweet. So he immediately texted me and then we FaceTimed and we talked to each other on the phone and through text and then three weeks later I was in Iowa," Victoria concluded.

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