Mady Gosselin Snaps Maskless Public Bathroom Selfie: Do I Look Like I'm Worried About COVID?

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Like thousands of other college students, Mady Gosselin was stuck at home when the pandemic hit.

Now, despite appearing without a mask in a public bathroom selfie, Mady is assuring fans that she's not a covidiot.

Mady Gosselin Public Bathroom Selfie

"Normalize the bathroom selfie," 19-year-old Mady Gosselin captions this photo of her, well, snapping a bathroom selfie.

If you're not especially online, "normalize X" is a common cry for positive social change, but was also a meme on social media during August.

However, upon seeing the responses that her pic was receiving, Mady wisely added a quick edit.

Mady Gosselin Selfie

"Edit: for all the mask comments: i’m absolutely wearing a mask," Mady assures her fans and followers.

She explains: "it’s hanging from my ear behind my phone."

"But," Mady concludes, "I took it off for 10 seconds in an empty bathroom when no one was around."

Mady Gosselin IG - bathroom selfie, mask explained

However, it was quickly pointed out in the comments that even briefly taking off a mask alone in an enclosed space can be a hazard.

"Problem is that if you cough, sneeze, choke drinking water, etc., it is actually CONCEIVABLE that you could have some residual spores remain in the area," a fan replies.

The gentle comment reads: "Likely a very SLIM CHANCE but still possible."


"Not trying to be a buzzkill or anything," the commenter explained.

"But at 70 years old with a few problems in the area of a not-so-good immune system," the comment concluded, "it does come up occasionally."

Mady saw this thoughtful comment and responded.

Mady Gosselin is Stuck at Home

According to Mady's reply, "this photo was taken in the private bathroom in the place where i currently live."

She admits that "I didn’t want to say this initially for my own security."

"We regularly remove our masks to brush our teeth and shower when no one else is in the room," Mady clarifies.

Mady Gosselin IG - detailed bathroom selfie explanation

"I’m addressing this because I care so deeply about other people’s health," Mady affirms, "especially during this time."

"And i don’t want to set a bad example for anyone regarding the way we should be conducting ourselves during a pandemic." she emphasizes.

Mady adds: "I can absolutely assure you that i’m wearing a mask and socially distancing."

Mady Gosselin and Kate Gosselin on TikTok

"And," Mady informs her fans and followers, she is "only spending time with the people whom i live with."

"i’m not going to be addressing this again," she states, "because i feel as if this was a harmless post blown slightly out of proportion."

Mady concludes: "have a lovely evening."

Alexis Gosselin, Joel Gosselin, and Mady Gosselin

That was a very courteous and well-reasoned reply.

Truly, nothing better encapsulates Millennial/Gen Z internet culture than a well-reasoned and carefully structured, medically sound explanation of something without a single capitalized letter.

Mady will be turning 20 next month. She is clearly a bright young woman.

Mady Gosselin Pic

Some people are decidedly Team Kate and have been since the Gosselins first became household names, and nothing that they hear can change their minds.

Others see the way that Jon has stepped up, rescuing Collin and Hannah, and proudly describe themselves as Team Jon.

While we lean towards the latter, at the end of the day, we're Team Gosselin Kids. We want the best, brightest future for all eight of those kids. Including Mady, who's not really a kid anymore.

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