Katie Holmes' New Boyfriend: Secretly Engaged to Someone Else?!

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We probably don't need to tell you that Katie Holmes' love life has been loaded with ups and downs.

Holmes was married to Tom Cruise for six years, and although she was able to defy the odds by escaping the world of Scientology with her career and reputation intact, it doesn't seem like the whole thing was a very pleasant experience.

Katie Holmes Smiles on Instagram

Sometime after the dust settled, Holmes began dating Jamie Foxx.

We're not totally certain of what transpired there, as the couple was hyper-protective of their privacy.

But we know that the relationship has now come to close.

Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes Split

Fortunately, it wasn't long before Katie moved on with someone new.

Unfortunately, that guy was engaged to someone else at the time he and Holmes started hooking up.

Worse, it seems he dumped his fiancee of 18 months via text message after he learned that pics of him and and Katie canoodling were soon to go public.

Katie Holmes Is Hot

Sounds like a keeper!

“Up to this press coming out, Rachel had no idea what was going on,” one insider said of the situation.

“He is a cheater, and this isn’t a ‘happy ending’ story,” the source added.

“They had concrete wedding plans in the works … now she is just left with bad press and forced to move home.” 

Emilio Vitolo

Emilio Vitolo Jr. is a chef and "aspiring actor" (of course) who works at his family's Manhattan restaurant.

It's unclear when and how he met Katie, but it seems the two of them have been moving rather quickly.

It seems there was a brief period of overlap between the two relationships, and after weighting his options, Vitolo decided to dump 24-year-old Rachel Emmons via text.

Emilio Vitolo and Rachel Emmons

“She thinks it’s disrespectful for it to be so public,” a friend of Emmons' told the UK tabloid The Sun, noting that Rachel finds the situation “bizarre and disappointing.”

“Rachel feels Emilio could have been more honest and dealt with it like a gentleman and face to face,” the insider added.

“Nobody really knows if Katie was aware he was with Rachel. If she did, it’s a bad example to set for her daughter.”

Katie Holmes is Beautiful

Remarkably, Rachel's Instagram is still public.

She can be seen wearing her engagement ring in pics taken as recently as July.

And she gushes about her love for Vitolo even more recently than that.

Emilio Vitolo Jr. and Fiancee

“Favorite person I’ve ever met,” she captioned one photo of thr two of them kissing.

“You are my favorite part of life & I will love you forever," she wrote alongside another one.

For her part, Katie has yet to comment on the controversy, but we're guessing (and hoping) her relationship with Emilio is not long for this world.

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