Jerry Harris: FBI Looking for Cheer Star's Additional Victims

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Last week, Cheer star Jerry Harris was arrested for child pornography, accused of preying upon young teens.

Now, federal authorities are looking for additional victims, and are asking the public for their help.

Jerry Harris Shares Advice

The FBI has already arrested and charged 21-year-old Cheer star Jerry Harris for child pornography.

They allege that he solicited two underage teen boys for sexually explicit images of themselves.

Now, the FBI is seeking any information on additional alleged victims who might have been groomed and solicited in the same way.

Jerry Harris on Netflix

To that end, the Bureau has launched a "Seeking Victim Information" webpage pertaining to their investigation into Jerry Harris.

Agents are particularly looking for any individuals under the age of 18 -- or who may have been minors when they were in contact with Jerry -- in the Chicago area.

The FBI wants the public's help.

Jerry Harris Photograph

Victims, they say, may have communicated with him either via Snapchat or Instagram.

Now, federal authorities say that Harris has admitted to multiple allegations against him.

That includes the accusations that he solicited and received child pornography via Snapchat.

Jerry Harris on Cheer

In total, the number of alleged victims is said to be at least 10 or 15.

This is not being described as a case of age-related confusion, as Jerry Harris has allegedly admitted to knowing that they were minors.

What's left is for the FBI to identify these present and former minors.

Jerry Harris

Naturally, some people may wonder why, if the FBI has evidence of these, they do not know the identities of the alleged victims already.

The answer may be that Jerry did not (allegedly) store the photos with identifying information. A screenshot tells you the date that it was taken and very little else.

It is also possible to have anonymous social media accounts linked to random emails -- a common tool of minors who are using social media platforms that are geared towards people who are older.

Jerry Harris, Netflix Star

As for why the FBI is asking ... we hope that everyone understands that the FBI cannot simply release these nude photos to the public, in whole or in part.

The idea behind child porn laws is to protect minors from being exploited.

Even censored photos could lead to ridicule to anyone identified, and could paint a target on the backs of minors to any predator who might seek to groom someone whom they know can be manipulated.

Monica Aldama and Jerry Harris

Meanwhile, Monica Aldama has revealed that Gabi Butler will return alongside other fan-favorites for another season of the cheer program at Navarro College.

Notably, there were real questions about Gabi's continuing eligibility, but this year has thrown everything out of whack -- so it won't cost Gabi her chance.

We don't have a full list of those competing, yet ... but it likely goes without saying that Jerry Harris will not return to the program or be seen again on Netflix outside of, perhaps, some sort of grim documentary.

La'Darius Marshall, Gabi Butler, and Jerry Harris

Gabi and others have already spoken out about the accusations against Jerry.

Hearing that your friend was arrested for soliciting photos and sex from a 13-year-old is not easy for anyone to hear or process.

Though the Cheer stars are public figures, it's probably safe to say that none of them were expecting to have to address something so painful with the public.

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