Gabi Butler and La'Darius Marshall Condemn Jerry Harris After Child Porn Arrest

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Last week, Cheer star Jerry Harris was arrested on child porn charges. He is accused of soliciting nudes and more from a minor.

His castmates and real-life friends are even more broken about this than his fans, and are continuing to speak out.

La'Darius Marshall, Gabi Butler, and Jerry Harris

Gabi Butler is known for her cheerleading and her status as a YouTuber.

Now, she is addressing Jerry's arrest on these disturbing charges.

"Like most of you, I am shocked, dismayed, and deeply saddened by the recent news concerning my friend," she writes in a somber Instagram post.

Gabi Butler

"Ever since I heard the news," Gabi shares, "I have gone back and forth between sobbing uncontrollably ..."

"... and trying to wrap my head around why something like this could happen," she writes writes.

Jerry was a beloved member of the Cheer cast. It's probably safe to say that no one suspected that his bright smile masked the heart of an alleged predator.

Gabi Butler IG statement on Jerry Harris

"To be clear, although I have been a close friend and teammate with Jerry," Gabi clarifies, "I was never aware of anything like that he has been accused of taking place."

"I believe the protection of children is more important than ever in today's world," she writes.

"And," Gabi continues, "absolutely do not condone any actions that bring harm to a child."

Jerry Harris Shares Advice

"Issuing a statement like this hurts my heart more than any of you will ever know," Gabi expresses.

Honestly, very few of us could possibly imagine what it is like to have to write something like this about a former friend.

She concludes with an evocative: "My heart is broken."

Jerry Harris, Gabi Butler, and La'Darius Marshall

La'Darius Marshall also spoke up. Notably, he and Gabi and Jerry were like three peas in a pod.

"I feel as though I have had the wind knocked out of me," La'Darius begins.

"How could this happen?" he asks, a question that he has clearly been asking himself.

Jerry Harris on Netflix

"As a victim of sexual abuse as a child," La'Darius writes, sharing that he is a survivor of sexual predation, "I know all too well the pain of experiencing this type of abuse."

"And," he adds, "the difficulties it can create for life after such trauma."

La'Darius writes: "My heart goes out to all who may be affected by this behavior from adults."

Jerry Harris

"It is wrong," La'Darius emphasizes, "and should never happen to a child."

"I am broken to pieces to see this happen with someone close to me," he laments.

"To any adult who may be feeling tempted to approach a child in a sexual way," La'Darius pleads, "please seek major psychological help."

Jerry Harris Photograph

"This type of behavior only ruins lives," La'Darius correctly points out, "and damages everyone around you."

This is both a very accurate and a very nuanced message from someone who clearly knows more than he ever wanted to about the mind of a predator and the harm that can be done.

"We must do better," La'Darius concludes. "We must protect our children."

LaDarius Marshall IG statement on Jerry Harris

We can only begin to imagine how painful this is for everyone who loved and believed in Jerry.

But no thirteen-year-old should be solicited for photos or video of themselves -- not even by fellow 13-year-olds, and certainly not by a then-19-year-old adult.

These charges come as a shock and as a horror to us all.

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