Farrah Abraham: I Am a Strong Widow and I NEVER Should Have Been Fired from Teen Mom!

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Can you believe that it's almost been three years since Farrah Abraham was fired from Teen Mom OG?

It's tough to believe that it's been so long since the worst hate crime of reality television history took place.


Remember that, how Farrah kept calling it a hate crime?

As if you could ever forget.

If the details are a little foggy, that may be because we still don't know exactly what happened.

On the show, we saw a producer tell Farrah that she was too difficult to work with, and that she was too rude to crew members.

We've heard from Farrah that she was told that she couldn't continue to do adult entertainment while she was on the show, and she made the choice to leave.

But while she has sometimes claimed she quit, she has also claimed that she was wrongfully fired, so ...

It seems like there's a bit of truth to all of those things, and that MTV ultimately decided that it wasn't worth it to keep working with her.

So why are we even talking about all of this if it happened three years ago?

Farrah Abraham Undergoes Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Because Farrah's still mad about it.

On Instagram, she shared a clip from her very last episode of Teen Mom, and for the caption ... well, she really expressed a lot of things in the caption.

We're about to get into it, but real quick -- we'd be here all day if we pointed out every single time she made a typo or misspelled something, so for the sake of authenticity and our own sanity, we'll transcribe it exactly as it was originally written, sound good?

Farrah began her rant by writing that "MORGAN CALLED ME AFTER" the scene where she was fired, and he "gave me an ultimatum Teen mom or Adult Entertainment & I chose 'FARRAH ABRAHAM.'"

Farrah After Botox

"Ladies becoming of age journey does not ever mean you have to succumb to a mans mediocrity like the other teen moms have in every way."

She's really starting off strong, huh? "Becoming of age journey"?

As you can see, this time around she's going with the version of the story where she decided to quit, and she's even managed to get in an insult to her former castmates already.

Good start!

Farrah Abraham Gestures Excitedly

Next, she wrote "I was told by Ben Hurvitz at Viacom to have fun on this show after they wrongly fired my 8 year female story producer for no reason yet other moms have their producers as god moms of their kids & the rest of the female executives were gone who supported female perspectives."

She's talking about her old producer, Heather, who was fired too. Some people say she was fired because she'd gotten too close with Farrah, and Farrah's ex, Simon Saran, claimed that Amber Portwood had gotten her fired, but that's a whole different story.

Anyway, back to this rant.

"Odd Morgan's choice of words and lying to my face and the world about who I am, the hardest worker, a woman whose been kicked when she's down, who shows kindness and giving but I'm not giving my life to false story and failed justice and against the reason I joined this show," she said.

Farrah Ex on the Beach

We ... we got nothing for that part.

"It's weird," she continued, "how men try to make a widowed famous teen mom out to be a porn star yet their the ones who watch porn and I didn't switch careers nor is a career sexually transmitted."

"Clearly poor type casting example again."

OK, so she's definitely not a widow. It's tragic, of course, that Sophia's father died, but they weren't married, and they weren't even dating at the time of his death.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham Get Weird on Tik Tok

Also ... she did star in a porn? Like that's a fact?

For Farrah's next point, she said that "The rest of the women on crew infected with the evil neuroses created fake scenes, drama, disrespected my parenting, disregarded my boundaries from counseling and created fights in front of my daughter."

"This mom chooses her child over everything," she added.


Farrah and Sophia Pic

"On top of being fired on a day I wasn't scheduled to work and production not finishing out their own contract I boiled this down to white male privilege, careers are not sexually transmitted," she wrote.

"I do not have to conform to gender norms, and like the fellow woman who wish to have my fame, wealth, life and strength and instead live in a failed reality of 'family, friends, on a crew' entertainment business is strictly business, as always talent on my past shows have learned from me if you want a better contract, legal protection, professional atmosphere then business is business."

"Not a network family," she stressed, "it's business."

Farrah Abraham for WEtv

She finished things off with another jab at the current Teen Mom gang, saying "It's pathetic Teen Mom never grew with their lead talent (myself)."

"My brand shows beyond woman not having to conform to gender norms, not allowing reverse physiology from privileged men, that I'm blessed to be the 1 woman out of them all who wanted better for all of the network."

That reverse physiology, that's a killer, huh?

And how wild is it that she thinks she was the "lead talent" on that show?

Farrah Abraham Deep in Thought

There's so much to unpack here, it's hard to know where to start.

It's hard to decipher what she's trying to say in most of it, too.

But the gist seems to be that she's still mad that she was cut from the show -- or we guess that she felt like she was forced to leave.

She also still clearly believes that there was a lot of discrimination at play.

Why is she even thinking about all of this in the first place, let alone enough to post this entire rant on social media?

That, like many things involving the inner workings of Farrah's mind, is something we may never understand.

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