Denise Richards: Why Did She Really Leave The Real Housewives?!?

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According to a stunning new report, Denise Richards did not quit The Real Housewives of Orange County in order to spend more time with her family.

Like we said:

Stunning, real?!? A true shocker.

Denise Richards Up Close

A representative for the actress and reality star confirmed last Wednesday that Richards would not return to the franchise after two seasons on the program.

Insiders later claimed Richards didn't like being away from her husband and/or her kids to film... but few observers actually believed this excuse.

The Bravo personality had spent the previous several months clashing with her co-stars over an alleged affair with Brandi Glanville.

The latter has claimed on numerous occasions that she and Richards slept together in April 2019, while Richards has strongly denied such a boning ever took place... and she's been battling her doubters every step of the way.

Denise Richards: Peeved in Pink

Case in point?

Last week's Real Housewives fo Beverly Hills reunion special, during which Richards trashed her colleagues as "vicious" and tried to fight back against an endless array of barbs and insults.

Despite these disagreements with Lisa Rinna and company, it now sounds as if Richards was going to be brought back on board by producers.

This was the plan and hope, Andy Cohen said last Friday.

Denise Richards Sizzles

"I'm upset we couldn't reach an agreement for next season, I am living in this sadness," Cohen told People Magazine, adding:

"We were negotating a deal with her and we couldn't reach an agreement on the deal."

In other words, it came down to money... as most things do?

Not necessarily, Cohen explained.

Denise Richards with a Green Screen

He seems to think Richards and Glanville did sleep together... or at least that there's something to that relationship Richards doesn't want her loved ones to find out.

"She has a family and kids, so whatever happened or didn't happen, I would imagine it's something she didn't care to discuss on a television show," Cohen added, quite ominously.

Glanville, of course, has claimed to have text messages that prove she got it on with Riichards.

Denise Richards vs Lisa Rinna at the Reunion

Over the course of the 2020 season, Richarrds fought with most of her cast mates, most notably Lisa Rinna – who recently said all the mother of three does is “lies, lies, lies” – and Kyle Richards.

She called out her co-stars the other Housewives “mean girls” and for ganging up on her after Brandi alleged she had the aforementioned affair with Denise.

If Bravo had thrown enough money at Richards, would she have returned?

Yes. That's our guess at least.

Denise Richards Makes Accusations at the Season 10 Reunion

But can anyone really blame Richards for wanting to get the heck off a show that has been focused on nothing but her sex life?

She may have signed on for drama, but likely didn't expect ALL the drama to center around the decisions she's made between the sheets.

The question now must be asked: Who will replace Richards?

Could it be Kris Jenner?!?

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