Kourtney Kardashian to Kim: You Can't Leave Kanye! He's Too Funny!

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As you're probably aware, Kanye West suffered a bipolar episode last month that had him lashing out at his loved ones on social media in truly appalling fashion.

Obviously, West deserves our compassion, as do all who struggle with mental illness, but the rapper's loved ones might have been the real victims here, particularly his long-suffering wife, Kim Kardashian.

Kim and Kanye Call It Quits

Kanye accused Kim of cheating on him with Meek Mill, and he publicly threatened to divorce her.

So it came as quite a surprise when Kim attended Kanye's "Sunday Service" in Wyoming over the weekend.

Apparently, Kim and Kanye were able to fix their marriage during a recent vacation to the Dominican Republic together.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Better Days

So in case you were unclear about how differently the coronavirus has impacted the rich and famous, wonder no longer:

Not only can people like Kim and Kanye still go on international vacations, they can also magically repair their fractured relationships on said vacations.

Anyway, while conflicting reports about what exactly happened will likely continue to surface for the next several months, the upshot is the same:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in 2019

It really looked like Kim and Kanye were headed for divorce, but now it seems like they're content to pretend that none of that messiness ever happened.

And it looks like Kim's family is happy to play along with that charade.

The women of Kardashian clan are very supportive of one another, but they also have a weird tendency to forgive the men who have done their sisters wrong.

A Kiss for Kim

It's why Tristan Thompson recently joined the rest of the family on a trip to Turks and Caicos.

And it's why Scott Disick is still a regular at family functions and continues to enjoy close relationships with Kourtney's siblings.

And it's also why Kourtney spent part of her weekend praising Kanye's sense of humor.

Kourtney Says Peace

It seems she was sent into a giggle fit by some of Yeezy's Seinfeldian musings about emojis.

"There's so many lonely emojis man," West tweeted.

"Why people don't never use this [guard emoji]. This emoji is a person too," he continued.

Kanye West Smiles! Wow!

"So when is this emoji appropriate?"

Kourtney posted a screenshot of the entire thread and added, "I'm crying."

We assume she meant that she's laughing so hard she's in tears, not that she's sobbing over the thought that her sister's husband spent more time brainstorming comedic material about emojis than he spent apologizing to his wife for nearly tearing their marriage to shreds.

Kourtney Loves Kanye

As for the controversy over Kanye's decision to gather a huge group of people together for a pseudo-religious service on Sunday, Kim took to Twitter to clear the air today:

"For anyone wondering, Kanye’s team took every precaution to ensure the choir’s health and safety which is always top priority," she tweeted.

"It was filmed today without an audience. The music will be shared soon for anyone who could use a some uplifting."

Kimye: 6 Years!

Looks like she's still making excuses for the guy.

And she probably will be for the foreseeable future.

We're happy she and Kanye were able to work through their problems, but you'd think her family would at least have the decency to make the guy's life hell for a few weeks.

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