Kanye West is Most Definitely Colluding with Donald Trump to Defeat Joe Biden

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We hate to break this to his ardent supporters, but:

Kanye West is not actually running for President.

Kanye West Has Issues

Yes, we know what the rapper has said about his alleged Oval Office aspirations.

But here's the thing: He got into the race too late and missed the deadline to get on the ballot of numerous states.

He, quite literally, has no path to 270 electoral votes and, just as a matter of fact, cannot amass the number of votes needed to defeat Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

So... what the heck is Kanye doing? Is he simply seeking attention?

We wish.

Kanye West Smiles! Wow!

Instead, at this point, it seems impossible to deny that Kanye is running purely to take away votes from Biden and make sure that his good pal, Trump, is re-elected.

According to a new article in Forbes, West talks on a near-daily basis to Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and an official White House advisor.

"I love Jared. I was just... that's my boy, you know? That's really my boy. So I prefer to not drop his name," Kanye has said of the polarizing figure, Forbes reports.

The New York Times, meanwhile, confirms that West and Kushner met in person in Colorado this past weekend.

Kim and Kanye Call It Quits

West acknowledged the Telluride rendezvous on Twitter.

But he claimed the two simply talked about 2000 Black empowerment book PowerNomics by Dr. Claud Anderson.

Which... sure, Kanye. Whatever you say, dude.

kan and kushner

West, of course, has been spotted numerous times in a Make America Great Hat.

He also met with Trump in the Oval Office back in October 2018, while Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian, has also met with the President and worked with him to help release a drug offender from prison in Alabama.

Recent reports have indicated that Kanye is receiving help from GOP operatives to file petitions and try to get on the ballot in several states, including the battleground of Wisconsin.

This has prompted speculation that the artist is trying to siphon Black votes from Biden to assist Trump.

Kimye 2020

Back in 2016, Trump partly defeated Hillary Clinton because a third party candidate (which West is running as) earned just enough votes in states such as Michigan to swing the election toward Trump.

Asked point blank by Forbes last week if he was purposely working to undermine the Democratic nominee, West said he is “not denying it” and that he is “walking,” rather than running, for president.


Kanye knows he can't win.

But he also knows he can deny a Biden victory.

Kanye in 2020

Kanye, of course, has been in the news of late for a new set of rantings and ravings.

These have included the revelation that he wanted to abort daughter North West, along with other very personal details, leading Kim to consider a divorce.

As far as we know, she may still be considering this option, although the couple may have reconciled during a vacation this week.

A Kiss for Kim

The West campaign, meanwhile, is facing questions of electoral fraud.

Shocking, right?!?

In Illinois, his native state, the stra's petition was challenged because more than half of his 2,500 required signatures weren’t valid.

He then ran into similar issues in New Jersey, where he withdrew his petition after over 700 suspicious signatures were questioned by an elections attorney.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in 2019

“It was so clearly deficient that it wasn’t even worth defending,” lawyer Scott Salmon said of West’s petition, adding:

“I wish it wouldn’t have gotten this far.”

We all have this wish, Scott.

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