John David and Abbie Duggar Pack on the PDA, Leave Fans Stunned

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We never thought we'd say this about any couple within the Duggar universe.

Not now.

Not  ever.

John David and Abbie Duggar Pic

But John David and Abbie Duggar have shared a new photo on Instagram and really given us no choice.

So here we go:


On Friday, these love birds apparently went on a motor boating jaunt around a lake, smiling for the camera at one point (above) and then swapping some serious spit on board the vessel at another point (below).

John David and Abbie Duggar Kiss!

Yes, the husband and wiife are married.

Therefore, such a game of tonsil hockey is permitted, according to those rather strict Duggar house rules.

And yet: Wow, right?!?

Fans almost never see any Duggars act this way in public. Talk about a majro display of affection!

John David and Abbie Duggar and Grace

"My favorite place to be is with you!!! Thanks to @janamduggar for babysitting so we could sneak away for a few hours," wrote John David and Abbie as a caption to the snapshots.

It looks like Jana Duggar was at home with eight-month old Grace while her parents got away for a little break.

The 30-year old appears to be the couple’s go-to babysitter for Grace.

She even helped look after Grace in February when the infant was only 1 month old, sharing a photo of their night together on her Instagram Story.

“Her parents think I come over to hang out with them,” she joked back then.

Abbie and John David Duggar

John David  and Abbie welcomed their daughter in early January.

“Our lives have changed forever with the arrival of our baby girl," they said as an announcement, stating at the time:

"She’s is a beautiful gift from God.

"We are so blessed the Lord has given her to us. It’s still surreal to know that we are really parents but it’s a great new adventure that we are excited to take on together."

Abbie Duggar

Why did they name her Grace Annette?

We can't say for certain, but:

Grace means eloquence and kindness and is derived from the Latin “gratia” and ties it to “God’s grace,” while Annette is of French origin, also meaning “grace.”

It is also Abbie's middle name.

Abbie Burnett and John David Duggar in the Sunlight

It's clear Abbie is perfect for John David, who waited longer than most Duggars to get married.

You can't rush true love, though.

"She’s just, I think, perfect for him. … They complete each other," Jana said on Counting On shortly after meeting Abbie for the first time.

We should probably leave these two alone now. They probably wanna go make love.

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