Jenelle Evans: I Feel So Lost Without Teen Mom!

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Can you believe it's only been a year since Jenelle Evans was fired from Teen Mom 2?

So many things have happened since then -- arrests, restraining orders, assaults.

Swamp Thing

It's been more drama than many people see in a lifetime, but this is Jenelle we're talking about.

And it just wouldn't be right if her life wasn't one awful, never-ending train wreck.

So anyway, Jenelle was fired from the show last year after her husband, David Eason, brutally killed her dog.

Not only did MTV cut ties with her, but local authorities also got involved -- police opened an investigation and CPS temporarily removed the children from their care.

Jenelle Evans: Mother's Day 2020

It took about six weeks for the kids to be returned to them and a little longer for the investigation to be dropped, but MTV stuck to their guns.

Jenelle hasn't filmed anything with them since, and although there have been rumors that she may come back in some way, it's looking increasingly clear that she'll never been on Teen Mom again.

She did reportedly have a meeting with the network last fall, and shortly after that she left David and moved to Nashville -- the popular theory is that David was the big reason she was fired, so she left him to try to get her job back.

But early this year she was back in North Carolina, trying to make it work with David and telling her followers that she was working on all kinds of new and exciting projects.

Jenelle on the Weed Farm

She's been promising for a while now that she's coming back to TV, whether it's on some other network or a service like Netflix, but obviously nothing has ever come of that.

And that's unfortunate, because like ... how else is she going to get money?

Nathan Griffith once called Jenelle "trailer trash who hit the lottery," and while that's kind of mean, it's also pretty accurate.

She made tons of money on Teen Mom 2, and there's no real way she can make anything close to that ever again.

Jenelle Launches a Website

Any time she manages to get some kind of business deal or sponsorship, people get it shut down, and none of her own business endeavors have ever taken off.

So losing out on all that sweet, sweet Teen Mom money has to hurt, right?

And this weekend on Instagram, she basically said as much.

On her story, she made a post that simply read "I feel so lost."

Jenelle feels lost

Someone asked her what happened to make her feel that way, and she answered "Nothing happened specifically, just thinking about life and not knowing what's next."

It might be easy to interpret that statement as more marriage drama -- earlier this summer, she made a statement about leaving him again and threatened to get another restraining order, so things obviously aren't great.

But another post she made sort of clarified things.

One follower asked her if she'd ever go back on Teen Mom 2, and her answer was pretty interesting.

Jenelle Evans Frowns

"No," she wrote, "but I need all of you to stop asking me and bringing it up please. Thank you."

Putting all of this together, it really sounds like she's all in her feelings about not being on the show anymore, right?

Unfortunately for her, no one is ever going to stop bringing up Teen Mom, because that's the entire reasons she's famous in the first place.

It's like she thinks she's going to transition so easily into a whole different career and image, and then she'll stop being known for being the girl who gave up custody of her kid and told her lawyer that she couldn't go to jail because she had to go to a Kesha concert.

Jenelle Evans at a Salon

And that's just not going to happen, at least not anytime soon.

Here's where we would normally say something like "maybe next time she'll know better than to destroy her livelihood for her big dumb husband," but we'd say that ship has pretty much sailed.

Better luck next time, girl.

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