James Duggar Might Really Be Courting Lauren Caldwell: Consider This Evidence!

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Is a romance brewing between James Duggar and Lauren Caldwell?

We first asked this question back in December.

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At the time, we didn't have a whole lot to go on, except:

James' brother, Joseph, is married to Lauren's sister, Kendra.

Moreover, Pastor Paul Caldwell has long served as something as a spiritual guru to Jim Bob Duggar and reportedly arranged the union between Joseph and Kendra.

There's a strong family connection here and it wouldn't be all that shocking if the fathers recently got together and decided James and Lauren should also procreate.

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And yet... last year's rumors about these two teenagers were just that: rumors.

Now, however, we have some photograph evidence that may point to a legitimate new courtship.

As you can see below, James joined the Caldwell family for a fun day on the lake this past weekend in honor of Kendra turning 22 years old.

And the outing got fans seriously buzzing...

James Duggar and Caldwells

“I’m thinking it’s [James] and Kendra’s sister,” one fan wrote after seeing Joe and Kendra’s August 10 post. “They might be next.”

Another observer agreed: “Yes, I get the same feeling!”

And a third asked, “Is Lauren courting James? I notice he’s been around the Caldwell side of the family quite a bit.”

Lauren Caldwell Image

For the record, James Duggar is 19 years old and Lauren Caldwell (pictured above) is 20 years old.

The latter has been linked in the past to both Jeremiah and Jason Duggar, which is sort of creepy... but so is nearly everything about the Duggars and their romantic lives.

She's also known all of these young Duggar men since they were REALLY young Duggar men, with photos available online of various Duggar kids hanging out with various Caldwell kids way back in 2015.

That was the year Joe and Kendra got together and these worlds officially collided.

Jill Duggar With James

Truth be told, with all the never-ending pregnancy and baby announcements by the Duggars, it's been awhile since fans have been trreated to a good old fashioned courtship.

As far as we can tell, none of the family members have introduced followers to a new boyfriend or girlfriend since John David Duggar announced he and Abbie Duggar were courting in June 2018. 

Heck, these two have already gotten married and had a baby!

Jill and James Duggar

So, no pressure, James and Lauren.

Or, maybe, actually, lots of pressure.

We need a new couple to report on. We need some new hand-holding photos and some new Duggar wedding pictures and a new jolt of excitement from the members of this cult clan.

Can you give it to us, please?

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